WTI - access to email account via POP3 or IMAP

Please read the following lines carefully, I would like to avoid any misunderstandings...

Firstly, this application is useful for those who cannot use protocols POP3 and IMAP because those are sometimes blocked. This means that applications like Outlook don't work. If they do, WTI's functionality is not useful for you.

This application is not meant to replace your email client, it is just to inform you about new incoming emails. Please don't expect anything else.

How does it work?
After you fill your data (server, login, password etc.) this data is sent to server macek.cc, whereas
Server logic
There is a script running on web server macek.cc, this script using your data logins to your email account and reads last income emails which are then resent back to WTI.


If you don't like the conditions above, I am not surprised and recommend you not to use the application. Please don't bother with emails full of anger, this software is freeware and I don't push anybody to use it.

Problems and restrictions

  1. When emails read via POP3, they are marked as read. I am pi...d off because of this as well. If anybody knows about a solution on PHP (Unix), please let me know.
  2. As your data is sent via my web server, it is possible that when the amount of data exceeds acceptable value, I will have to implement some restrictions or make the service paid
  3. I will appreciate if you set the read interval longer then 5 minutes (again because of data transfers), if anybody transfers too much, the access may be disabled
  4. SMTP will not be implemented
  5. Application displays only previews and only when email size does not exceed internally specified number (this number may change)
If you have any comments, questions, suggestions etc, please send me an email to david at macek dot cc